We are product designers
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Founded by Gytis Zaldokas and Yizhou Zhong, DF Wave Furniture have been manufacturing quality, solid timber furniture for in excess of 5 years. For most of that time DF Wave have specialised in the use of unique indigenous hardwood timbers to handcraft unique pieces of furniture. The timbers used to create these pieces are mostly salvaged timber from dead trees on private properties or recycled timber from old buildings. These hardwood timbers reflect the harsh environment that the tree has been exposed to,  in some cases easily for over two to three hundred years.

We don’t destroy Mother Nature’s beautiful creation; we give it the gift of immortality’.

The timber in each DF Wave dining table has its own signature and story to tell.  Gytis love the fact that most of the timber used to make for example a statement piece dining table would otherwise be wasted in some way.  The timber is salvaged from old dead trees or from old buildings and turned it into a treasured piece of furniture that will be around for literally generations. These beautiful and unique timbers are part of our natural heritage and they deserve to be preserved.

Gytis have over ten years experience in the furniture industry. Adopting a small scale ’boutique’ approach to furniture production and retail, Gytis aim to provide customers with an individual and tailored service. DF Wave employs nine craftsmen at different levels in their factory. Each craftsman is dedicated and passionate in the work they do and they strive to uphold the DF Wave.